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Residential Design

Location: Andheri, Mumbai

A house created with simple reinterpretation of modern design concept with feel of warm colors and woody effects. Selection of the right textures and colors resulted in creating a comfortable environment.

Commercial Design

Location: Navi Mumbai

A corporate office with a focus on creating a true design that expresses personality and makes a lasting impression on visitors. Incorporating materials like rustic woods, metal finishes and tempered glass gives a staple look for future Eco-builds.

Lounge Design

Location: Navi Mumbai (Reliance Hospital)

The design of the lounge is both modern and minimalist. Increased use of natural light, natural materials and textures further support the peaceful atmosphere. The distinct color difference contrasts each other enough to define and separate the spaces.

Institutional  Design

Location: Western Suburb Mumbai

A commercial institutional design created with assimilation of patterns and pleasing aesthetics. The rustic, dark color with natural feeling lighting creates a relaxing and calm environment.

Hospitality Design

Location: Navi Mumbai

A break room designed in terms of creating spatial experiences through colorful and aesthetic multi colors giving a modern design vibe.

Hospital Facility Design

Location: Navi Mumbai (Reliance Hospital)


Suites designed with natural theme. The shades of colors represent the nature giving an outdoor impression. Qualities like natural light, views to nature, and quiet and clean patient rooms all contribute to a positive patient experience.

Healthcare Design

Location: Navi Mumbai (Reliance Hospital)

Healthcare designed with acknowledging the tiniest details into consideration, from minimizing the distance between the nurse's station and patients' rooms, to perfecting the acoustics for quieter wards.

Clinical Design

Location: Navi Mumbai

Medical clinical lab designed to facilitate the goal of lean design. With use of vinyl sheet for flooring gives a clean room-like environment. Light color ceiling is used for cooler and comfort atmosphere for the patient.

Architectural Design

Location: Akola, Gondia & Solapur

An architectural experience can only be crafted through the collaborative process. These projects are the addition to the current design and are characterized by its two functions; Ingeniouty and Elegance.

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